Why every party or occasion needs a photo booth

Why every party or occasion needs a photo booth

Thursday 23rd November 2017

In recent years photo booths have had a real popularity surge. Gone are the days of a lonely machine in your local shopping mall, only used for the dreaded passport photo (with no smiles allowed).

Thank goodness for the revival and transformation of the Booth!!
Nowadays photo booths are the ideal addition to any event. They come in all shapes and sizes, from your standard sit in booth, black taxi conversions and as with ours The Magic Mirror.

They bring your party guests together in a unique way. They create laughs, giggles and memories and what is the icing on the cake is that its all recorded there and then. A printed photo is given to the posers and with most good photo booth companies they will provide all copies onto a USB for the host to enjoy at their leisure post party.

No other party prop (excuse the pun) can create the buzz of a booth. It brings all ages into the mix and seamlessly provides the smiles.

Of course every reputable booth hire will have an array of props. However at Loco For Photo specialising in our Magic Mirror booth - we not only have a fantastic selection of high quality, unique props we can also digitally add on beards, wigs, hats, clown masks and even speech bubbles onto your photo through our face recognition software.

You are guaranteed 100% to enjoy the benefits of a booth. Your event or special occasion will be elevated that next level up from a "great party" to "now that was a party and a half"

So if you are in two minds about whether a booth is needed, then think no more. Remember a photo booth is not a need but it should be a must!!!!!